Built For Greater Inspiration


Beyond Exterior
All New Modern and Fascinating Exterior Design

Highlight Features

  • New Bold Front Bumper Design with New Sharp LED Headlamp (All Type) and new Fog Lamp (1.5 G Type). For a bolder look with a new wide trapezoidal dark grille on the front bumper combined with a sharp New LED Headlamp and New Fog Lamp design.
  • New Fascinating LED Rear Combination With Backdoor Lamp (1.5 G Type). For a sophisticated impression at first sight.
  • New Auto Retractable Mirror (1.5 G Type). Equipped with auto retractable mirros for extra practicality and protection in any situation.
  • New Dashing Two Tone 16″ Alloy Wheel (1.5 G Type). The new bold Alloy Wheel designed detailed finesse that complements your ride.
  • New Fascinating Led Rear Combination Lamp Design (1.3 E MT Type). For a sophisticated impression at first sight.
  • New Dashing 15″ Alloy Wheel Design (1.3 E MT Type). Premium design for a solid impression on your journey.


Beyond Interior
More Spacious For Bigger Purpose

Highlight Features

  • New Striking Full Dashboard Design (1.5 G Type). Premium design dashboard with high-end technology to enhance your driving experiences.
  • New Pleasant Long Sofa Mode (All Type). Feel the comfort of the latest features that provide spacious room for various activities with the family.
  • New Comfortable 7 Seaters (All Type). more spacious interior and cabin quietness provides you with noise-cancelling from the outside for a more comfortable driving moment.
  • New Dynamic Head Unit 9″ Display (1.5 G Type). Equipped with great entertainment of 9″ display audio which can connect to Radio, USB , and Bluetooth.
  • New Dynamic Head Unit 7″ Display (1.3 E MT Type). Equipped with great entertainment of 7″ display audio which can connect to Radio, USB , and Bluetooth.
  • New 4’2 TFT MID (1.5 G Type). To ensure better visibility about the current state of your car.
  • New Digital AC (All Type). Enhance air conditioner function for a cooler surrounding and to bring comfort to all passengers.
  • New Tilt & Telescopic Steering With Audio & MID Switch (1.5 G Type). Adjustable steer position where all entertainment is at your control, giving you more comfort while driving.
  • New Illuminating Star/Stop Button (1.5 G Type). Enhance your visibility to start your car even in low light.
  • New Usb Port & Power Slot (All Type). Keeping you connected to the outside world and giving more entertainment for your driving experience in every line.


Beyond Safety
Features That will provide you with a sense of security for better driving experiences

Highlight Features

  • Pre-Collision System (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Radar system designed to help reduce the likelihood of collision with a preceding car.
  • Front Departure Alert (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Alerts the driver with sound when preceding vehicle moving on traffic.
  • Pedal misoperation Control (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Preventing front collision when the driver accidentally pushes the gas pedal.
  • Lane Departure Assist (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Help avoid unintended lane departure by alerting when a car veered from the lane.
  • Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Notify if there is a potential collision during driving backwards.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Informs you from the side mirror graphic signals if there’s any other vehicle in the blind spot area.
  • 6 Airbags D/P/S/C (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Ensure safety by enduring Impacts to minimize the chance of injury.
  • Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) + Electronic Braking Distribution (EBD) + Brake Assist (BA) (All Type). Ensure maximum braking safety.
  • Vehicle Stability Control (All Type). Maintaining the vehicle stability when doing a sharp turn to avoid over or under-steering.
  • Hill Start Assist (All Type). Prevents Vehicles from slipping backwards on an uphill road.
  • 7P Seatbelt Warning (All Type). Protect everyone in the car and provide a safer driving experience.


Beyond Performance
Present a safe and comfortable driving experience with your family.

Highlight Features

  • New CVT Transmission (All CVT Type). Brings smoother accelerations and strong performance with quieter engine sound.


Beyond Comfort
Present a safe and comfortable driving experience with your family

Highlight Features

  • New Comfortable Suspension (All Type). Delivers more stability by reducing vibration, especially when driving through bumpy roads.


Beyond Connected
Features that are accessed through mToyota to stay connected and provide a complete solution for your vehicle needs.

Highlight Features

  • Find My Car (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience.
  • Geofencing (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security at all times.
  • E-Care (Maintenance) (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance.
  • Inquiry & Support Center (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Direct Assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward.
  • Road Assistance (1.5 G CVT TSS Type). Provide an SOS button if you get in an accident. You will be assisted by the Toyota Call Center to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving.

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