Corolla Altis Hybrid

Impressive Hybrid Experience a whole new pleasure on the road for the greater good. The All-New Corolla Altis grants you advance technology and sophisticated design to build an eco-friendly vehicle.

  • New Front Grille & Bumper Design. (all type)
  • New Rear Bumper & Rear Lamp Design. (all type)
  • Striking 17″ Alloy Wheels
    Attract the world with new remarkable 17-inch Alloy Wheels design that leaves a stunning impression on the road. (HV & V all type)

Ride peacefully with spacious elegant interior that gives pleasure with dynamic yet comfortable feeling.

  • Luxurious Interior. (HV type)
  • Integrated Multimedia System.
    Experience a genuinely connected drive through an Integrated Multimedia System that brings you essential car information effortlessly. (HV type)
  • Dual zone Auto AC. (HV & V type)
  • Progressive 7″ Combination Meter. (HV type)
  • Highly Convenient Steering Wheel (With Steering Switch). (HV type)
  • Electronic Parking Brake. (all type)
  • Head-up Display. (HV & V type)
  • EV Mode
    Powered by Toyota Hybrid Technology, unlock the efficient driving by switching to EV mode – which creates a better world with your mark on carbon reduction. (HV type)

Toyota Corolla Altis carries state-of-the-art safety technology and designed to help keep you alert and save.

  • RCTA & BSM
    Ensure your safety with Rear Cross Traffic Alert that detect approaching vehicle from rear side when reversing out of parking space. Moreover, The Blind Spot Monitor identifies every object on the vehicle blind spot area using radar technologies. (HV & V type RCTA Only HV Type)
  • Safety Sense. (HV type)

The improved car’s core strength components enhance the vehicle’s performance and emphasize car personality that accentuates every model unique features.

Drive With Compassion
The Advanced Driving Experience of Toyota Hybrid System greets the future with excellent advantages.


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