Go More Than Ever


Beyond Exterior
The All New Veloz comes with an attractive intention yet more challenging look in every way.

Highlight Features

  • New Distinctive Front Looks (All Type). Leave a lasting impression with a New Formidable Design Front Grille and New Front Bumper where The New Advanced LED Headlamp with Sequential Turnlamp and The New Fog Lamp will progressively enchance your presence on the road.
  • New Sturdy Rear Bumper (All Type). Crafted with attention to detail that transmit agressive looks in every way.
  • New Progressive Rear Combination Lamp with Full Backdoor LED (All Type). Fullback door tail LED rear combination lamp will take your presence even more for your comfort and stylish journey ahead.
  • New Tough 17″ Alloy Wheel (Q Type). A large alloy wheel that combined boldness, style and also performance.
  • New Auto Retractable Mirror (All Type) with New Foot Lamp (Q Type). An automatic New Retractable Side Mirror installed with The New Foot Lamp will give you a warm welcome for your night time drive.
  • New Remarkable Chrome Window Belt, Fender Line & Roof Rail (All Type). The sharp look are defined by the full-length garnish New Chrome Window Belt combined with a well-formed New Fender Line design. while the steady New Roof Rail provides an aerodynamic look to your car while giving you the option to tie down items.
  • New Side Stone Guard (All type) & New 16″ Alloy Wheel (MT Type). The tough New Side Stone Guard will protect your car’s rear side as the premium New 16″ Alloy Wheel design will drive your strong presence on the go.


Beyond Interior
The all New Veloz is meant to keep you and your family in leisure yet always go with the style as multiple distinctive features await you to convey.

Highlight Features

  • New Comfortable Full Dashboard Interior (All Type). Luxurious design dashboard with high-end technology surrounding the cabin, including The New Vibrant Illumination Light on the front and side panel supported by The New High Positioned console to assure your journey and simplify your everyday life.
  • New Fabric & Leather Combination Seat (All Type). A whole new leatherette combined with convenient fabric seat for a stylish vibration inside the vehicle.
  • New Spacious Cabin with New Long Sofa Mode (All Type). A spacious and quiet cabin with New Long Sofa Mode made by the flexible seat arrangement ensure maximum convenience inside the vehicle.
  • New Integrated 9″ Head unit (All Type) with Advanced Smartphone Connectivity (Q Type). Boost your joyful journey with a vast entertainment system built with smartphone connectivity for your unlimited entertainment on the road.
  • New Advanced 7″ Digital TFT MID (All Type). A Fully digital odometer that provides attractive visuals conveys every commande and always keeps your information at your sight.
  • New Rear-Seat Entertainment (All type). First-class entertainment that grants rear passenger equal comforts.
  • New Auto A/C (All Type). Automatically controls the temperature, airflow and air distribution inside the cabin.
  • New Push Star Button (All Type). Start engine button for a more convenient beginning.
  • New Electric parking Brake with Brakehold (All type). Supported with an electronic brake that conveniently applies the parking brake just one touch.
  • New Wireless Charger (All Type). Compatible with a product that support Qi wireless charging intended to keep you connected while on the move.
  • New Leisure Soft Pad Door Armrest with Full Grip (All Type). Soft pad door armrest to enchance your relaxing moment while on the road.
  • New Leather Tilt and Telescopic Steering with Audio & MID (All Type) & Drive Mode Switch (All Q CVT Type). Control your streering wheel as convenient as you like, where all the information and entertainment are always at your command effortlessly.


Beyond Safety
It’s time to take your journey confidently as The All New Veloz comes with exclusive features to accompany your drive with utmost leisure.

Highlight Features

  • Pre-Collision System (PCS) (Q CVT TSS Type). Radar system designed to help reduce the likelihood of collision with a preceding car.
  • Front Departure Alert (Q CVT TSS Type). Alerts the driver with sound when preceding vehicle moving on traffic.
  • Pedal Misoperation Control (Q CVT TSS Type). Preventing front collision when the driver accidentally pushes the gas pedal.
  • Lane Departure Assist (Q CVT TSS Type). Help avoid unintended lane departure by alerting when a car veered from the lane.
  • Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (Q CVT TSS Type). Notify if there is a potential collision during driving backwards.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (Q CVT TSS Type). Informs you from the side mirror graphic signals if there’s any other vehicle in the blind spot area.
  • 6 Airbags D/P/S/C (Q CVT TSS Type). Ensure safety by enduring Impacts to minimize the chance of injury.
  • Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) + Electronic Braking Distribution (EBD) + Brake Assist (BA) (All Type). Prevent the wheels from locking up on slippery roads or sudden braking.
  • Vehicle Stability Control (All Type). Maintaining the vehicle stability when doing a sharp turn to avoid over or under-steering.
  • Hill Start Assist (All Type). Prevents the vehicle from rolling back on steep hills.
  • New All Round View Camera (Q Type). Feels the surrounding even more with the new intelligent system, which helps prevent collision when parking or setting off.


Beyond Performance
It’s time to take your journey confidently as The All New Veloz comes with exclusive feature to accompany your drive with utmost leisure.

Highlight Features

  • New Adopted CVT Transmission (All Q CVT Type). Brings smoother accelerations and strong performance with quieter engine sounds.


Beyond Comfort
It’s time to take your journey confidently as The All New Veloz comes with exclusive feature to accompany your drive with utmost leisure.

Highlight Features

  • New Comfortable Suspension. Delivers more stability by reducing vibration, especially when driving through bumpy roads. (All Type).


Beyond Connected
It’s time to take your journey confidently as The All New Veloz comes with exclusive feature to accompany your drive with utmost leisure.

Highlight Features

  • Find My Car (Q Type). Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience.
  • Geofencing (Q Type). Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security at all times.
  • E-Care (Maintenance) (Q Type). A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance.
  • Inquiry & Support Center (Q Type). Direct Assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward.
  • Road Assistance (Q Type). Provide an SOS button if you get in an accident. You will be assisted by the Toyota Call Center to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving.

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